Is There a Cellulite Solution That Works?

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Most women would answer 'no', but it doesn't have to be this way. You can change it. After years in development, we have finally released the B.Healthy skincare formula. The blend is comprised of multiple high-performance ingredients and requires less than 30 days of use!

So many other products out there do more harm than good. It's time that we, as women, take control of our lives. It's time to start using what actually works!

Our B.Healthy formula is specially tailored towards women aged 30 to 50 who want to tackle their cellulite issues directly with a foolproof solution. Let's face it: pills, powders and potions don't work. They also often contain dangerous ingredients that cause more harm than good.

Orbis products are developed using 100% natural ingredients. It's not just about cellulite, it's about maximizing your overall skin health holistically.

Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera extract is one of the most powerful and functional ingredients available. The extract has almost endless benefits. As part of the B.Healthy formula, aloe vera extract moisturizes the skin, helps to remove blemishes and attacks cellulite directly.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is found in many fruits and also has several fruitful advantages. The solution promotes your metabolism, prevents excessive skin aging, smoothes the skin and eliminates/prevents skin wrinkles. Citric acid is a key ingredient in the B.Healthy formula. Citric acid not only helps to battle the symptoms of cellulite; it also helps to prevent cellulite from developing further.


Allantoin is a safe compound that has been found to help repair and smooth the skin, as well as promote elasticity and preserve skin youthfulness. Allantoin, in combination with the other key ingredients, aids in the smoothing, softening and prevention of wrinkles that are commonly found among women with cellulite.

Bitterness/Kwai Acid Glycerides

Bitterness/kwai acid glycerides contain properties that have been shown to moisturize and smooth the skin naturally. The B.Healthy formula uses just the right amount of these, in combination with the other key ingredients, to maximize your skin's health holistically.

Full Ingredients: Bitterness/Kwai Acid Glycerides, L-Carnitine, Han Raw Rubber, Allantoin, Citric Acid, Aloe Vera Extract. No dodgy stuff!

Results are atypical. Individual results may vary according to diet, activity levels, age, and body type.

Q: How long will each pot last?

A: Each pot contains 150ml of our custom solution. Our recommended usage is once or twice daily, therefore two or three pots a month should be enough for most women. We also offer a 1-pot-per-month option for less frequent usage.

Q: How can I maximize my results?

A: We recommend everyday usage; once in the morning and once at night. Many experience a short-term, warm sensation after application; this is perfectly normal!

Q: Is this product safe?

A: Yes! Orbis skincare products are designed to be as safe and as natural as possible. This is not just a cellulite product; we want to maximize your skin's health holistically.

Q: How do the subscriptions work?

A: We offer monthly subscriptions; you simply sign up to the subscription that best suits your intended usage. Purchases are then billed automatically in future by direct debit. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time - no funny business guaranteed!

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